Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MYNIC Offers .my Internet Address to Malaysian Public

KUALA LUMPUR, 25th March 2008 – MYNIC Berhad (MYNIC), one of the most innovative providers of Internet Registry and Addressing Services in Asia Pacific today announced that the shorter Internet address which ends with the .my suffix converging name categories like;;; and to a more catchy address like, is now open to the Malaysian public.

MYNIC’s Director, Shariya Haniz Zulkifli (above) said, “MYNIC’s move to offer the shorter addresses to the public is in line with changing trends in the web world and the influx of businesses on the Internet that demands a unique identity to be noticed. Even more so, with companies diversifying and opening up to multiple operations, a generic identity would be more appropriate.”

I'm showing my blogspot account to Shariya, while she guides me on the registration process of .my internet address.

In line with the changing trends, MYNIC has opened up the shorter addressing option to the general public and joined countries like Japan , Hong Kong and Singapore in this proactive effort.

“The shorter address will allow easy recall and will offer businesses a more impactful branding capability. The short and catchy Internet address can grab attention and play its role as an effective branding tool,” added Shariya.

The registration framework for the shorter addressing started last year in November under Phase I where existing owners of 3rd level domain names (e.g.;; and were given a priority entry period opportunity to convert their to the shorter address option of (e.g.

Today’s soft launch for the public (Phase II) will allow individuals and companies who are first time registrants as well as those who missed the priority entry period last year to register their preferred names and addresses.

Details of Phase II are as follows:

Phase II: Open to Public

Registration period : 25th March 2008 onwards


i) On “first come first served” basis

ii) Registration will not be restricted to one identity per person

iii) Companies will have to provide MYNIC’s resellers with relevant supporting documents when registering.

iv) Individuals who wish to register must provide copy of Identification Card.

Suggested Retail Price : Maximum of RM 120.00

Charges imposed by resellers may vary. Members of the public are advised to shop for the best deals.

All applications can be submitted through MYNIC Resellers or through online form available at MYNIC’s website, which will then be processed through MYNIC’s authorized resellers. The list of MYNIC resellers is available online. Each applicant will be given a maximum of 14 days to complete the registration process upon submission of application.

See! I got my name registered in .my domain just in few seconds.

MYNIC noted that the shorter .my identity will serve as an alternative choice for individuals, organisations and businesses. The third level domain names will continue to be available for registration.

“A unique identity once created acts as a long term investment in opening up new markets as well as keeping in contact with existing ones in a faster and more efficient manner,” emphasized Shariya.

All registrations received by MYNIC will be processed in line with our terms and conditions and applicants must enter into an agreement with MYNIC based on those conditions. For more information on 2LD registrations, please visit or email MYNIC at or call 03 8991 7272 or fax 03 8991 7277.

To enable the Malaysian public an insight into the security enhancements available, MYNIC is also inviting the public to attend MYNIC Seminar on Internet and DNS Security. This seminar will be held in conjunction with the World Cyber Security Summit 2008 (WCSS) and World Congress on Information Technology 2008 (WCIT) from 20th -21st May 2008 at Ritz Carlton Hotel.

This one and a half day seminar will see renowned international and local speakers converge, bringing forth knowledge transfer and eliciting eye-opening discussions on trendsetting technologies.

The summit will be home to visitors worldwide and members of the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Name Association who will be here for their members meeting hosted by MYNIC as well.

For more information on the Seminar, click here.

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