Tuesday, August 19, 2008

48 Ways To Get Rich

Last week i attended a so-called FREE seminar jointly-conducted by AmBank & Wealth Mentors. It was a truly interesting 1 1/2-hour 'seminar'. The speaker Albert Cheah shared on his experience on how he started his online business and his 4-step secret blueprint to earning thousands of dollars monthly. But toward the end of the 'seminar', i realized that it was a preview session of a 3-day Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur Workshop to be held on 4 - 6 September 2008. Guess what... it's only less than $500 (yes, i said 500 but in USD not RM). It considers reasonable fee for certain people. Furthermore, for AmBank Cardmembers, they will enjoy a 24-month free interest installment payment, which they only need to pay less than RM70/month. It sounds attractive to me... but after due consideration, i have to forgo...! Alternatively, i'm looking for something really FREE at the moment. And finally, i found something which may interest everybody, namely 48 e-books on how to achieve Cash & Power. The e-books consist of:

▪ 7 Power Steps to Making Money
▪ 7 Secrets to Unlimited Traffic
▪ 7 Super Secret Ebooks
▪ 10 Steps to Killer Web Copy
▪ 99 Websites you should have bookmarked
▪ 100 Dollars Per Day
▪ 144 Business Opportunities
▪ EbayPower Sellings
▪ 100 templates
▪ 1001 Newbie Friendly Tips
▪ Etc... etc...!

Download for free here!