Friday, February 20, 2009

DiGi Rewards Premium Customers Up to RM1 Million

Tom and Jerries? No... it's Tom Schnitker and the CRM gang from DiGi.

I don't feel like writing my own story today. So just cut and paste the release from DiGi which i attended the launch this morning.

SHAH ALAM, 20 February 2009 -- DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("DiGi") continues to build momentum with its innovative enhancements towards customer service for its premium value customers. By 9 March 2009, DiGi Priority Service will be offering personalised service assistance for both postpaid and prepaid customers.

DiGi's Chief Commercial Officer Tom Schnitker explained: "We are very proud of our current service offerings, which continue to generate great feedback from our customer base. Looking to the future, we are very focused on driving innovative service as a key part of our value proposition in an increasingly competitive market.

"We started with the launch of DiGi360' concept store last November; today, DiGi Priority Service continues to build on our service-oriented strategy by rewarding our existing premium and long tenure customers with relevant and critical services delivered right to their doorstep."

Membership to DiGi Priority Service is by invitation, with customers being selected based on their monthly usage, payment record, and their length of tenure as a DiGi customer. For instance, DiGi customers of five years can qualify as Silver Priority Customers if they have a monthly bill of at least RM100. The subsequent tiers are Gold and Platinum. Across the three tiers of priority services, these customers will enjoy higher credit limits and a guaranteed 1-day SIM card replacement at no cost, delivered to their doorstep.

Customers, who qualify for the top tier, Platinum Priority, can call upon DiGi Priority Mobile Consultants to provide assistance and solve any mobile technical issues at the customers' location. These customers can also enjoy complimentary travel insurance up to RM1 million, enjoy service assistance in booking their holiday trips, and renting chauffeur-driven limousines, among many other privileges. More information can be found at

In support of DiGi's climate change initiative, Deep Green, qualifying DiGi customers will receive an SMS inviting them to join, rather than sending them physical cards that identify them as DiGi Priority Customers.

Meanwhile, DiGi customers will continue to benefit, as before, from its highly attractive reward programmes, such as reload bonus, birthday bonus, mobile vouchers for discounts, and free calls to DiGi hotline.