Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why 09/09/09 Is So Special - Part 2

You want to know why the date is so special to certain people? I have selected 9 different sources happened on the 09/09/09 around the world, of course including Malaysia. Check it out the news from the following links:

1) Newlyweds hope for a long-lasting bond on 09-09-09

2) Thousands of couples to say 'I do' on 9/9/9

3) China rush on 'lucky' wedding day

4) Minister suspect in hijacking said 9/9/9 date a divine sign

5) Will 9/9/09 Be Your Lucky Day?

6) Couple tie the knot on 090909 after dating for nine years

7) 200,000 make road safety pledge

8) Stations declare Sept 9 Radio Day

9) Igauan ngeri pada 09.09.09