Friday, November 13, 2009

Hong Kong’s Largest Online Printing Company, e-print, Has Opened in Malaysia

(KUALA LUMPUR, 12th) Hong Kong’s largest online printing company, e-print, has opened in Malaysia.It held an open ceremony of its first branch in Malaysia on Jalan Pudu today.

E-print Internet Printing Co. Ltd. (hereafter “ e-print”) started its business on October 3rd, 2001 in Hong Kong. Within a few years it has grown from a small outfit employing 6 workers to become a 300-strong enterprise. The printing machines have increased to 8 units and e-print now has 60,000 square feet of factory floor space. It will continually expand, even to regions outside Hong Kong; the Malaysian branch is one of the major overseas expansion.

Hong Kong e-print Director Mr.KK Chan said, “The reason e-print has chosen Malaysia to open its first branch is because Malaysia has a language-skill advantage that other countries lack. This, plus a conducive geographical environment, convinces Hong Kong e-print that Malaysia is absolutely the correct first step in the globalization of its enterprise. Additionally, the Malaysian market has a population of close to 30 million, very similar in terms of business environment to Taiwan, a country where internet printing companies are the most numerous and successful. E-print believes Malaysia has considerable potential and future. The key factor of e-print successful philosophy is customer oriented, and it hopes its can adapt by Malaysian. Towards this end, e-print seeks partnership with local printing companies so that e-print can be localized, while helping Malaysian printers conform to international standards.”

The traditional printing company lacks of standardization in terms of pricing, quality and delivery time.Thus e-print has, from the very beginning, imported automatic Computer-to-Plate technology and modern high-speed printing equipments. These, together with our self-developed imposition software, allow e-print to control over cost, production time and product quality. Additionally e-print has standardized its pricing and made its products affordable. Now everybody can enjoy the benefits of printing.

E-print Malaysia Managing Director Mr. Brian Poon said, “The Malaysia e-print is 100% for Malaysian although the system is developed by Hong Kong. With our online management system and the international standard printing technology, we can guarantee that there is no difference between the production from two countries. We differ only in the way we serve and price our products to suit local requirement. E-print adopts a cost control system that has been in use in Hong Kong for many years to ensure the most cost-effective production. Thanks to Hong Kong self-develop online printing system, we manage to save the million dollars of software development cost every year. Thus we can ensure our price will always be competitive.”

In order to provide lower price, Malaysian short run printing companies here generally use second-hand machines, but not e-print. From the day it was established, e-print decided to pursue high international standard, to ensure their customers enjoy the best quality printings at the best prices; so e-print has chosen the Heidelberg Speedmaster Anicolor, a German latest printing machine. This machine forms the solid foundation of e-print printing quality. It has higher standards that other machines cannot match; its high quality printings are free from color-variation and “ghosting” problem. That aside, for color management standards, e-print uses the ISO 12647-2 Standards and Heidelberg is responsible for its supervision and implementation. On top of all these, e-print uses Heidelberg ink complemented by Hong Kong supplied color control and management, all to ensure that the quality of print-outs meets the highest German printing standards.

With high-technology now so well developed, people find themselves always racing against time. Besides having a transparent pricing and providing high quality products, e-print is saving customers’ time with convenient online printing systems, for example: document upload system, online order tracing system, product-ready SMS alert and online payment system. In this information technology era, e-print needs to ensure their customers can get everything they want without having to leave their homes.

“The services we now provide are leaflet (advertising flyer), poster and business card printing. We promise to provide more diversified products in the future, including Saddle Stitch and Perfect Bind book printing, and we hope these will in time become our star products. In conjunction with our Malaysian opening ceremony, we introduce our special price of business cards (100 cards per box) for RM6.00 per box!” Brian Poon explained.

For further details, visit their web site or inquire at the customer service hotlines 03-2142 9300 / 03-2141 7300 / 03-2145 0615. The business operation is at No. 3 Lorong Brunei 3, Off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.


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