Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mini Race at 1U by Nokia

I took part in the mini "Nokia N82 Soul of the Night" race in 1 Utama (1U) Shopping Centre after the launch of "The Discover the Soul of the Night" campaign presented by Nokia today. With a team of 5 (from left Victor Stephen, A. Jospeh, Vincent Chung, me and Simon Chow), we were given 30 minutes to complete all four tasks. In oder to complete the task, we have to go to the identified place and snap a picture of the storefront in 1U by using N82. Then we must upload the picture to Flickr with preset account (we got Angelica - a young-pretty game marshal to assist us).

Task 1: "I've got to get a gift for my neighbour's kid. He's 8 and loves toys. Where'd you buy that gift?"

Our Answer: Toy City

Task 2: "Friends are coming down for the holidays. The love singing. Where should i take them?"

Our Answer: Jukebox

Task 3: "1'm told i can get some petty breath-taking panoramic views of KL from One Utama, where should i go?"

Our Answer: bird-eye view from roof top floor of 1U

Task 4: "Ah... now it's time to go grab some dinner. Problem is my hubby's a vegetarian. Where can i eat?"

Our Answer: Yisheshu

For more information on the Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure 2: Discover the Soul of the Night (SOTN), click here.