Saturday, May 3, 2008

“Guide to Business Planning” for Entrepreneurs

Every Saturday afternoon, i have the same feeling.... I missed my class in UM. I missed my studies, classmates and lecturers.... :(

When i found this book recently, i thought it would be wonderful if i could have it during my study. It definitely helps me especially for my business plan final project. However, it is never too late to have it now. Hence, to my all my former classmates of PDEBM11, should you wish to have a copy of this book, do not hesitate to contact me or please download here or here.


Title: Graham Friend, Stefan Zehle, “Guide to Business Planning”
Spec: Bloomberg Press (February 2004) | ISBN: 1861974744 | 288 pages | PDF | 5.98 Mb

To get any new business idea off the ground you must have a plan–and if you need to raise funds to finance the business or get the approval of senior management, it must be a convincing plan. This guide covers every aspect of preparing a business plan including how to analyze the market, how to model the business and financial statements, and analysis of risk and the assessment of both the upside and potential downside, and the all-important executive summary–often the only part of a business plan that is read. Finally, “Guide to Business Planning shows how to use a business plan to help put your ideas into practice and how to monitor and measure the performance of the business. This newest title in The Economist series is critical for business people who have an idea and need a plan.

1. Introduction
2. The business plan
3. The business planning process
4. Strategic planning
5. Analysing the environment
6. Analysing the firm
7. Industry and competitor analysis
8. Product and portfolio analysis
9. SWOT analysis
10. Generating strategic options
11. Market analysis and strategy
12. Market forecasting
13. The operational plan
14. Modelling the business
15. Accounting principles
16. Completing the financial statements
17. Reviewing the financial statements
18. Evaluating strategic options
19. Funding issues
20. Risk analysis
21. Presenting the business plan and obtaining approval
22. Implementing the business plan

Do not hesitate to keep a copy for your future reference.


azhar said...


cam best jer buku nih...

tp tatau bz biler nak baca..apsal mangmnt/marketng nih..

so abg harlym tgh smbng study ke?

HarlymYeo said...

Sambung belajar tapi dah habis tahun lepas. Cuba baca story kat

Ismail Talib said...

Tahniah Tuan Harlym