Thursday, July 24, 2008

The 2008 Suzuki SX4 Sedan at 88,888... why leh?

The new 5-door sedan from Suzuki called SX4 is reviewed to public today at New Wing of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre, follows with the performance by Ning Baizura [thanks Ning... you still remember my name :p].

The SX4 sedan is reasonably sporty and offers versatility with the looks of a stylish family car. However, it might not be my top pick if petrol consumption, second-hand value and cargo space are my primary concerns.

The sedan is available in five colour choices – Nocturne Blue Pearl, Black Pearl, Silky Silver, Pearl White and Azure Grey. But today media and public only able to see one colour- Silky Silver - my favourite colour!

Two variants are available - the standard version is priced at RM88,888 (on the road, without insurance) [i wonder, why 88,888? Is it because of the model has a number '4', then to 'buang soi', the price comes with five 8s? - who can answer me?], and if you would like a sportier version (called Premier Package), which includes items such as 17-inch wheels, leather seats, door visors, window tinting and full body kit, you’ll have to fork out an additional RM5,000.

More story on Suzuki SX4 sedan in Star Motoring is here.