Tuesday, July 29, 2008

692 Ways to Save Money

692 Ways to Save Money | 400KB only! | Free Download an e-Book

This new e-book will show you how to save money on... fuel expenses, heating costs, telephone bills, auto repairs, electricity bills, grocerys, medical bills, clothing and much, much more.

Among the contents are:

1) 53 Practical ways to Fight High Grocery Prices [Read this before you go for a grocery shopping at Cold Storage]

2) 45 Professional Tips to Cut Big Gasoline Bills [A must-read section if you are driving a car]

3) 54 Secrets to Save on Family Clothing Purchases [Good for those who wanna prepare for a raya shopping]

4) 56 Easy Ways to Slash High Electricity Bills [TNB may not like it]

5) 42 Mechanic's Ways to Minimize Auto Repairs [Excellent tips to the Terengganu state’s Exco members and senior officers]

6) 44 Auto Dealer's Tips for Choosing the Best Used Car [Read this before you consider to buy a Proton Perdana V6]

Wanna know more? Get your free download link here.