Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Aspire ONE - Compact & Useful Tool for People on the Go

"The Aspire ONE is not just another notebook - it is a stylish internet mobile devise designed to meet the demands of today's increasingly net-savvy and sophisticated users. It is targeted at people on the go, who need to stay connected wherever they travel. With the Aspire ONE, emails are retrieved easily, online transactions can be conducted and video-chatting with friends is easy, with the user-friendly and intuitive Linux interface." quoted by Ricky Tan (standing centre), General Manager of Acer Sales & Services Sdn Bhd during the press conference of Aspire ONE at One World Hotel on 8th July 2008.

What is so unique about Aspire ONE?
1) Integrated user interface
2) One mail box (honestly, i love this feature)
3) Full internet messenger/browser expereinces
4) Seamless file management

RRP : RM1,399
Size : 24cm x 17cm (smaller than A4 paper)

To find out more about other exciting features, you better check it out at their official website at or visit any computer shops for a personal hands-on of this brand new computing experience.


Melissa said...

Hi Harlym.. me also like the One Mail box too! Imagine not having to open too many windows juz to check all ur mails? Awesome!:)