Monday, August 18, 2008

Blogging Without Prejudice - Blogger's Say @ NST, Tech&U

Original Interview Script:

1. Your blog. When and how did it all start?

When: November 2007

How: I want to share my story/experience when I won myself a set of RM1,888-Motorola RAZR V9 in the lucky draw during the launch of the product. I have not been so lucky before that and I want to express it to the public. Blogging is my channel to get my message out – and it’s free anyway!

2. The slogan 'Catatan Peribadi Tanpa Prejudis', how did it come about?

When I’m writing anything, I want to write something that reflects my honesty (without relying on the commercial advertising) and hoping that honesty pays… it brings success to my blog. Eg: My first impression on Suzuki SX4 Sedan, I don’t really like it. I even address in my blog that it’s not my top priority list.

3. What were your aim and hopes when you started the blog? Has it been fulfilled?

As I mentioned in my post (

“Matlamat aku menceburi blogging adalah sekadar untuk catatan peribadi di samping mempertajamkan kemahiran menulis sekali gus menjadikan ia sebagai medan berkomunikasi dan berinteraksi dengan sahabat handai.”

I added,

Bagi aku, ia memberi satu kepuasan apabila satu-satu cerita berjaya diterbitkan (publish) dan dibaca oleh khalayak pembaca tertentu (sama ada yang kita kenali atau pun tidak). Malah, ia menjadi daya pendorong jika pembaca blog aku meninggalkan komen.”

Whenever I have a new story or something great (freebies) to share with, I will promote to my
friends via SMS or e-mail. Hoping that they will drop by and leave comments. As as today, the traffic is still not high and I’m still yet to get more strategies to increase my hits.

Eventually, I realized that I’m not getting paid by the company or google… or by any other measure, and I will return to my original reason for blogging; for the joy of it!

4. How is your blog different from others in the cyberspace?

Basically my blog is about me – my working routine/dairy. My work involve in magazine publication which required me to attend product launches in several sectors such as technology, telecommunication, food, and automotive as well as my personal involvement in Malay literature (especially bahasa Malaysia poem).

However, to make the blog different from the rest, I provide an added value to my visitors by offering freebies such as e-books, magazines, games, software, MP3 etc.

5. Has blogging changed your life? If yes, in what ways?

Blogs are an ideal medium for experimentation my writing skills. Blogging gives me the freedom to experiment, to try out something new. Hence, blogging has improved my quality of life and quality of writing.

6. Are you glad with your decision to blog? Why?

I regret that why only last year I decided to blog, but not many years ago. However, I glad that now I’m involving in blogging and wish my friends around me do so. We could make the world smaller by blogging.

7. Interesting/memorable things that happened since you started blogging?

When my story was selected by an Indonesian site.

My original post:

8. What's in the pipeline, as far as the blog is concerned?

To me, I need to have an interesting story or idea to share with my readers/visitors. And at least a photo to support my entry. Picture tells a thousand words and it makes my site more colourful.

(The article is also available at Tech & U, NST Online)