Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Looks of All-New Honda CITY 2009 Model

This is the model of my first-Japan car; first-generation of Honda CITY which was introduced in 1996, and i bought it in early year 2003 just before Chinese New Year. That year's CNY, i drove back hometown delightfully with my new-old model of Honda CITY!

After about four months i owed the car, the second-generation of Honda CITY was launched in Malaysia in April 2003, followed by the VTEC model in July 2004.

The current Honda CITY was launched in October 2005, which i was thinking few months ago to trade-in with my current car until my friends told me to wait for the latest 2009 model. I have been trying to ask from several official sources and Honda Malaysia on the brand new CITY model, but the answer is unknown and none could provide me satisfied estimation of launch date in Malaysia.

Yesterday, my instinct told me to search online for the Honda CITY 2009 model and see what i have discovered! The all-new Honda CITY was launched in Thailand on 10 September 2008.

In Thailand, the new City is priced from 524,000 baht which, at today’s exchange rate, is RM52,295. How much would it be if it is launched in Malaysia later? Just guess, if the current model of Honda CITY is between RM79,800 to RM85,800, while Honda JAZZ pricing from RM104,800 to RM109,800; all-new Honda CITY 2009 model would be around RM90,800 (why RM800? - check out Honda price here).


Sandeep k said...

Honda has spent more years on Indian road and after a long period of time the Honda city has been launched its new updated model in which Honda City Wheels was being renowned. According to servery it will be good competitor against Ford fiesta.