Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Calling to Newbies – Step by Step Course on Internet Marketing

If you are not a tech savvy and wish to set up a internet business, you will want to check out my friend, Vincent Cheng’s 2-day internet marketing course namely Sales 2.0 Marketing 2.0 Training Seminar for an extremely reasonable cost (I think he is practically giving this away!).

Personally, I wouldn’t call it as a seminar. It’s a hands-on practical training. It designed especially to those who know less about IT and the best of all, you would be able to refresh your lesson for FREE (yes, no kidding, for FREE) after attending this 2-day course. I have attended on 25 & 26 July and would be attending another session to recap what I may have missed out on this coming Sunday.

If you have been wanting to set up a website for online business and wonder how to generate leads using social media especially Facebook, and just needed a concise step-by-step tutorial and still not sure if the course is perfectly for you... I highly recommend you to witness it yourself to the preview a.k.a 2-hour Facebook Revolution Makerting Workshop on every Wednesday night 7:30pm. Did I tell you it’s FREE? Well, if you walk-in to the workshop, you need to pay RM50. If you register and pay online, RM30. If you mention my name, it is FOC! The options are there, the choice is yours!